Most Stay Off Roads, But For Some -- It's Their Home

For a lot of us, it was a day to stay off the roads. But for some, the road is their home.

Many truck drivers headed west took a pit stop in Lindale Tuesday morning before hitting the icy roads just west of town. The big rigs are heavier and have more grip on the roads, but their heavy weight brings the danger of jack-knifing.

One driver was headed out of the mess and says many of the other drivers weren't taking this winter storm seriously.

Clifton Marcus was coming from Phoenix:  He says drivers were "not very professional. [There were a] lot of people driving too fast. You might not get where you want to go on time, but you should get there."

The major highways across East Texas have been sanded, but be extremely cautious on the less-traveled roadways. Ice may continue to build up through Tuesday night as more freezing rain moves in.