Temp jobs point to economic recovery

By Layron Livingston - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - Many would agree that payday is a good day.

Cesar Portillo stopped by Tyler Professional Staffing to pick up his paycheck Friday afternoon. He said he signed on with the agency two months ago.

"I went to different places, filling out applications," he said.  "They never called me back."

Stacy Browning, staffing coordinator, said more East Texans tend to pop in this time of year, looking for jobs, some looking for second jobs.

"Everybody realizes, oh my gosh, [Christmas] is coming, so they come in because they need work," Browning said.

Chris Custer, staffing manager with Snelling Staffing in Tyler, said fortunately, parts of East Texas are still hiring.

"[Employers] have been so lean for so long, they've gotta start adding people back," he said.  "But they're going to do it cautiously."

Cheryl Hope, a nurse's aid, also uses a staffing agency.  She said she was contacted Friday afternoon to work a double shift Saturday.

"My husband is out of work and he's still looking."

Hope said she's been with her agency for nearly one year.  Fortunately for her, the medical industry is hiring.

"If I had another job, I would probably not be working right now," she said.  "The holidays should be nice, as long as I keep working."

Custer offered this advice for those still looking for work: get some help.  He said blindly sending out resumes is not the best way to land an interview.

Browning said be persistent.  "If you go on a job interview, or visit a staffing agency, follow up."

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