Restaurant Report: Roaches and droppings, 2 permits taken

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Shogun of Japan located on 5515 S. Broadway in Tyler was shut down for a day after receiving 35 demerits. Cooked rice was out of temperature and later thrown out, raw meat was stored above the cooked rice, there was no hot water at the sushi bar hand sink, the bar hand sink was not working, utensils were found in the mop sink and the ice machine was moldy. Their permit was later reinstated.

Moving on to Liang's Chinese located at 1828 ESE Loop 323 in Tyler, inspectors found living and dead roaches under the cook-line and steam table water, an employee's drink was found above make table and Advil was found over the food prep area, no soap or towels were at the hand sinks, employees were seen handling ready to eat food with bare hands, and equipment was either in bad repair or in need of a cleaning. They received 30 demerits.

At Royal Donuts on 3213 W. Gentry in Tyler, their permit was suspended because of unsanitary conditions, but later reinstated. Living, dying, and dead roaches were in the storage area and behind the display counter, cough and cold syrup was found in the reach-in cooler, employees were seen violating hand washing rules, and handling ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands. In all, they were given 27 demerits.

At 7924 South Broadway in Tyler, Donut Palace received 17 demerits. Why? Inspectors say someone left their partially smoked, but unlit cigarette on the prep table, numerous dead insects were found throughout the establishment, and no paper towels were at either kitchen sink.

16 demerits were given to Jalapeno Tree in Tyler, located at 420 WSE Loop 323, after inspectors found grilled onions, peppers, and meats not kept hot enough, employees were seen violating the hand washing rules, and paint thinner was found a little too close to the flour.

Finally, Indian Creek BBQ at 13683 Spur 364 in Tyler received 16 demerits. Inspectors say rodent droppings were found in the storage room and in a cabinet in the dining room, ribs were improperly cooled, beans, brisket, and sausage were out of temperature and utensils and pans on shelves needed cleaning.

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