Tyler ISD foundation halfway to goal

Brooke Day, Larry Goddard and Cindy Brady at campaign event. Photo source: Tyler ISD Foundation
Brooke Day, Larry Goddard and Cindy Brady at campaign event. Photo source: Tyler ISD Foundation

Released by Larry Goddard with Tyler ISD:

TYLER, TX - With just a few weeks into the campaign, the Tyler ISD Foundation has reached the halfway mark of its challenge goal of $350,000, according to Larry Goddard, Executive Director of the Tyler ISD Foundation.

"Our campaign continues until March 1st so we hope in the coming months, area businesses and individuals who support education will donate to the Tyler ISD Foundation," said Goddard.  "We are humbled by the generosity of those in Tyler and certainly education in our region is one area that everyone agrees paves the way for a successful future."

Proceeds from the annual campaign fund various programs not typically funded by tax dollars. The Foundation provides underwriting support for various District events such as Teacher of the Year (the recipient this year won on a regional level); Convocation (the start of the academic year with an all-employee event) and a retirement luncheon (to honor those who have given their careers to be part of the education process of 90% of Tyler's youth.)

The Foundation also sponsors a joint effort for John Tyler High School and Robert E. Lee High School's top twenty graduates, their parents and the teachers they acknowledge as the most influential to their success.

"Our thirty-five directors on the Foundation Board are in full campaign mode and will be making calls for the remainder of the campaign," said Goddard.

"To date, we have raised over $5,000 from donations of employees of Tyler ISD and we expect that amount to rise with 3 ½ months of the campaign remaining," said Goddard.  "Last year, we introduced a Ten Dollar Club for the Tyler ISD employees and we know that they give and give to their classroom every day.  We are grateful that they have also, once again, given generously to the Foundation which helps recognize outstanding teachers, staff, and students."

"From the community, we have received about $65,000 for areas of greatest need and more than $100,000 in restricted funds for District programs and events.  Our greatest challenge is to raise funds to operate the Foundation so that no tax dollars are spent in our operation of the nonprofit organization," said Goddard.  Other fundraisers include a discount coupon card and the Gil Hitt Memorial Golf Tournament.  The Tyler ISD Foundation has received regional, state and national awards for its campaign and events for the past three years.  Last year, the Foundation won the coveted Crystal Award for "Best Event" for any of the 1,100 school districts in Texas.

"We are one of the oldest Foundations in the state—next year we will celebrate our 20th year," explained Goddard, "We clearly see that educators and the support staff of the District face many challenges and we are here to provide our endorsement of their fine work and be strong advocates for those in our classroom as well as the many employees who are just as important with roles outside the classroom.  It takes many of us to create the best academic environment and we urge Tyler citizens to help us with a donation of any amount at any time," concluded Goddard.

Board directors include:  President Tom Slack, Vice Presidents Holley Howard, Beth Whitney and Todd Cruthird, Treasurer/Secretary Gay Smith; Mike Thomas, former President; Price Arredondo, Tab Beall, Lynette Birdsong, Betty Bower, Bill Coates, Kathey Comer, Ross Conner, Jack Davidson, Kim Farrell, Carol Foley, Stacey Gregory, Beth Guinn, Jason Grisby, Randy Grooms, Gary Gross, Charles Hill, Gary Howell, Doug Hunsley, Chris Jones, Sarah Jacobi, Roy Martinez, Ray McKinney, Lisa Preddy, Felicity Reedy, Randy Reid, Kristen Seeber, Lonny Uzzell, Ron Vickery and Ed Wallace.  Tracy Phelps is Director of Development.

Campaign Chair is Hill and Vice President of Development is Cruthird.

Donations may be sent to the Tyler ISD Foundation, 315 N. Broadway, Suite 401, Tyler, Texas 75702 or email foundation@suddenlinkmail.com for more information.