A Better East Texas: Fort Hood communication lapses

It is impossible to review the tragedy that took place at Fort Hood last week without getting very upset.  Some of the debate today centers around the question of whether Nidal Malik Hasan acted alone or if he had help or was part of a bigger effort.  It appears that at least one agency in the government was watching him or had least investigated him at some point in the past.  Then we find out that he received a poor performance evaluation resulting in a promotion to the rank of Major in May before being transferred to Fort Hood?  How does that happen?  It seems that there were a series of poor judgment calls that enabled this guy to get into position to carry out his murderous actions.  I hope that our government and military and even our local law enforcement can learn from this trail of missteps.  There has got to be communication across agency lines in these types of circumstances.  It seems that we have seen several lapses in the area of intelligence sharing and could have prevented or at least interrupted this and other actions.  I don't know if it is standard operating procedure or some protocol that has hampered this or just plain ego but there is no excuse for this lack of communication.  It must change.  As far as Nidal, he needs to have swift and heavy justice applied.  There are some bad people in our country and eliminating their ability to carry out this type of plan will make this a Better East Texas.