East Texas Veterans Day celebrations

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EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Veterans Day celebrations took place across East Texas.

The VRW and American Legion's in San Augustine sponsored an observance that did not overlook anyone. With song and speeches, they paid tribute to all military branches, all wars, POWs, the Missing In Action and spouses who have or are waiting for their loved ones to return. The observance was just as much an educational experience as a tribute.

"Went to Hawaii...way down in the country and then we went to Okinawa one end to another," said Leonard Murray, a WWII Army veteran.

"I was stationed as an Air Force medic in California and we got to take care of a lot of casualties coming back from Vietnam," said Doug Huss, an Air Force veteran.

The ceremony was moved outdoors for the playing of taps and the laying of a wreath at veteran memorials. This year's wreath was dedicated to those who were killed at Fort Hood.

At Griffin Elementary in Tyler, patriotic music and messages highlighted the Veterans Day service. Students were also shown a video presentation explaining the importance of our men and women in uniform.

And, Temple Elementary School in Diboll celebrated Veteran's Day with a lot of music.The school choir sang several songs about freedom, and later, flags representing each branch of the military were carried in by students. Veterans also stood to be recognized as their name was called. Many of the young students say they are thankful these men and women had the courage to fight for our country.

"It means a lot to me because they have to be brave to do that because not many people are brave enough to do that," said Wesley Finley, a Temple Elementary 5th grader.

Hundreds of students were at the assembly and they were all given flags to wave in honor of the veterans.

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