Crews Get Ready for Wintry Roads

The Texas Department of Transportation has already started sanding down highways in Dallas and Ft. Worth. If that wintry weather continues to move into East Texas, road crews here say they're ready.

"It's been mild, it's been nice. A couple of years ago it was pretty bad. This year's been a nice break up until now, it looks like," says Tyler Area TXDOT Engineer, Vernon Webb. Webb knows what snow and ice can do to roads and cars. "People just need to use caution and watch their speed. You never know. Don't assume that it's going to be safe."

Webb is in the business of assuming the worst. That's why he's spent the day loading up spreader trucks in case pavement in Smith County turns to ice. "We have people that have been around a while and know which roads are susceptible to icing first. And, we kind of monitor those roadways."

Along I-30 in Mt. Pleasant, the scene is very similar. Here, three trucks are loaded with sand and gravel. Two others are filled with salt to de-ice bridges. "It's called a meltdown," says Mt. Pleasant Area TXDOT Supervisor, Sammy Thomas. "It's a chemical that you put on the bridges and actually you want to get them on there before they freeze up. It helps keep them from freezing."

So no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us, Thomas, Webb, and their trucks are ready to roll.

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Stephen Parr, reporting.