Dr. Meatapotomus Teaches Students Healthy Eating

Getting kids to eat right can be a struggle.

But one east Texas school is making it easy with the help from a couple of friends.

'Executive chef Garcia' introduced his friends "Pyramid Pete" and Dr. Meatapotomus" to students at the Carlisle independent school district in Rusk county.

The characters teach students about their fruits and vegetables and other suggestions for healthy eating habits.

Kids say "Pyramid Pete" was a big hit.

"The way he introduced himself and the program. I really liked it. When I get home I'm gonna eat some broccoli," says third grader Kirby Lyon.

"They keep you strong and healthy," says fellow third grader, Hunter Martin.

"Pyramid Pete" is part of an ongoing nutritional program at Carlisle I.S.D.

Amy Tatum, reporting.