Does it Work?: Touch N Brush

By Joe Terrell - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Picture this: Toothpaste squeezed from the middle, caked over the nozzle with hair stuck to it. Sound familiar? The Touch N Brush, a hands-free toothpaste dispenser, claims to be the solution.

You get an adhesive sticker in case your bathroom has no flat, smooth surface for the suction cups to suck to. We set things up and began with a standard size tube. Simply unscrew the lid and then push the tube down into the rubber hole until the threads on the nozzle are no longer visible. Then, slide the cover on.

At first, there was nothing. Thirty or 40 presses later, we still had nothing. That's when we realized it worked on a vacuum. It literally sucks the paste from the nozzle. Once we saw the light, the Touch N Brush never failed.

We tried different sizes, all with success. We even drained a tube and found it really did get every last drop.

We bought a tube with a different nozzle design. Some of the fancy smanzy whitening products these days may pose a problem for the Touch N Brush.

We had to break off the lid and the seal was definitely not as good. At first, it was not performing well. But eventually it worked. But, we don't recommend it.

Though there are some sanitary concerns in a family setting, the Touch N Brush does deliver what it promises. We give it a "Yes."

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