East Texas school districts bulk up security

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It has been nearly a month in a half since an East Texas teacher was fatally stabbed by a student. Since then, several East Texas school districts have re-evaluated campus security.

Forget about big brother watching. It's more like Big Dunagan's watching - Officer Dunagan that is.

"It gives us a live view of any of the cameras in the district," said .

With internet access, Officer Frankie Dunagan can view more than two dozen security cameras on all of Hallsville ISD campuses. But, the cameras are just one security measure at the district.

Just recently, the district adopted a resolution to start it's own school police department. Officer Dunagan will head it up.

"Some schools have where an off duty officer comes in and it's a different one everyday," said Dunagan. "With me being up here, I know the kids. I see them everyday. They're comfortable with me so the report is there."

For Hallsville students the new school police department brings more man power. The district is considering hiring four officers.

"We want to take the stance on being prepared--being ready for it."

And, being ready is a goal Chapel Hill ISd has as well. They already have a police force in place and cameras will soon be installed.

Over at Spring Hill ISD security is also a top concern. The district may reactivate its school police department to address security and truancy issues.

"The main concern is that those kids are not in school and they're not learning and they can't be successful if they're not here," said Wes Jones, superintendent. "So, we want to do everything we can to make sure they're at school."

At school, safe, and sound.

Spring hill says they haven't made a final decision on if they will reactivate the police department.

Hallsville ISD says they plan to have their school police department up and running by January of next year.

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