Chocolate milk, good for you?

By Sara Story - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Make room for chocolate milk because a new study suggests that drinking skim milk with cocoa may be good for your health.

"There has been a lot of talk in literature about how foods and different diets can affect medical outcome," said Cardiologist Dr. Scott Lieberman.

Lieberman says there needs to be more research done, but it's true. A diet consisting of low-fat chocolate milk instead of regular low-fat milk may slow or prevent coronary artery disease.

"It helps support the idea that lean chocolate, without sugar, without additional fat, may help reduce the inflammatory response of the disease process," he said.

He says it has to do with flavanoids - a component in the chocolate that softens the body's immune response.

"That is an adult issue: inflammation," said Laurie Krueger, the child nutritionist at Lindale ISD. "If the kids start now and do this early, that is good for them."

She says these health benefits are good news - especially for her kids.

"There are many districts who aren't using chocolate milk because of the higher sugar content," said Krueger. "But, here at our district, we do serve chocolate milk, and our kids love it."

And, the numbers prove it. At Lindale High School, 72% of students buy milk at lunch. Out of those, 89% buy chocolate milk. But, like most yummy things, Dr. Lieberman says, moderation is key.

"It is not quite enough for us to start handing out chocolate bars at the check out counter at our office," said Lieberman.

And, pay attention to the fat and sugar content next time you're at the dairy case. Doctors say that the flavanoids found in chocolate are also found in grape juice and some teas.

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