High Winds Batter, Blacken East Texas

East Texas was rocked by bad weather Sunday morning, but this time it wasn't rain or freezing temperatures. Powerful winds tore through Tyler, leaving many homes in the dark.

In one south Tyler neighborhood, it was easy to tell why the power went out. A fifty foot pine tree was uprooted and dropped, blocking the street and tearing down power lines. Clean-up was slow, as the city of Tyler had to wait for confirmation the power lines were dead before removing the tree.

For the people in this neighborhood, the high winds came as a total surprise.

"We heard a pretty loud thud," neighbor Tracy Hicks explains, "And then the transformer popping and noticed immediately the lights were out."

Grover Hubley, who came home from church and lunch to find his tee blocking the road, was stunned.

"Well, I saw the people in the street and they were all hollering, 'Grover, where you been? Your tree's falling down and wrecked the line.'"

In other locations, wind-blown trees did more damage. Near Wagner Cadillac, a tree snapped, tearing down power lines to businesses on Broadway. And although it didn't knock out any power, one falling tree found a woman's car in a south Tyler driveway.

Crews were busy all afternoon and into the night removing trees and restoring power in south Tyler.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.