Veterans honored at Bullard Red, White and Blue Festival

By Philippe Djegal - email

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Thursday's events at Fort Hood in Texas have given the upcoming Veterans day holiday an even deeper purpose. Today, families came together to honor America's fighting men and women in light of the tragic events that weighed heavily on the minds of those attending the Red, White and Blue Festival in Bullard.

America is fighting two wars abroad, and those battles for the hundreds that showed up this morning really hits home.

"Really, they don't get enough attention [or] appreciation for what they're doing," said Rosie Johnson. "They're doing such an excellent job here at home and overseas."

"It's important so that they know that their. . . sacrifice isn't in vain," said William Krafve. "So, that they know that they are respected for what they've done for our country."

"These are people that are helping to keep us free," said Serrena Johnson. "I mean, they sacrifice daily, so that we can enjoy everything that we get to do."

Young East Texans; future soldiers watched on as familiar faces drove by waving to the crowd and proudly waving the American flag. Spirits are high, however, the Fort Hood massacre is still on everyone's mind.

"One of my best friends, she and her husband are stationed there," said Serrena Johnson. "They are thankfully okay. . . my heart and prayers go out to those families that lost members there because that was horrible."

"I'm sorry. . . what happened to them and that we love them all," said Melody Meece. "We know that their families have suffered, and we've lost a lot of good people in this army in this war."

The celebration is "Very humbling," said Robert Meece, a Vietnam War veteran. "It's a great honor to be acknowledged for what I've done for my country. I was proud to serve my country, and it's a great country, and it's worth fighting for."

Anissa Centers Mc'd the parade, and a ceremony honoring our veterans followed with East Texas News' own Joan Hallmark as the keynote speaker.

The festival continues in downtown Bullard until midnight. Veteran's Day is officially on Wednesday, November 11, 2009.

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