Shadow cast on Veteran's Day ceremonies

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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - The tragic events at Fort Hood cast an early shadow on this year's Veteran's Day ceremony.   The traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall was on display at the Mineola Civic Center site.

"I can't imagine what it looks like in full, black granite," said Tommy Baxter, a Vietnam War veteran.

Pride and patriotism filled the lawn of the civic center, Friday afternoon.

Lynn Canfield, an Air Force veteran from Whitehouse spent time walking the span of the wall.  "This is what gives us the opportunity to come here and congregate and be together," he said.

It was an afternoon full of reflection and remembrance.

The traveling wall only spans about 400 feet; it is just more than 8 ft. tall, but every name is accounted for.

Ken Henry, a member of the Marine Corp League, said he visits the Vietnam Memorial in Washington as often as he can.

"The feeling is still here."  For veterans like Lee James, even the replica was hard to take in.

"I haven't been up there to see the names because I'm afraid to see some boys I know," he said.

"Anytime you join the armed forces, you're dedicating your service to the country," said Baxter.  "Anything can happen."

Before the ceremony began, there was a moment of silence for the servicemen and women killed and wounded during Thursday's devastating attack at Fort Hood.

"I'm disturbed, disgusted," said Canfield.

"Those kids were there, serving us," said Henry.  "They were doing their job."

Like those who fell before them, they will never be forgotten.

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