Ways to help Fort Hood soldiers from home

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In this time of crisis, East Texans have already found ways to help out. If you want to reach out to the soldiers at Fort Hood, there are things you can do from home.

"Well, I'm here because the boys at Fort Hood, they really need the blood," said Brian Reynolds, a 17-year-old blood donor.

He dreams of becoming a U.S. Marine. And, when Brian Reynolds heard the tragic news out of Fort Hood, his immediate reaction was to help.

"I'm 17, so I can't really help them physically wise," said Reynolds. "But, giving my blood is the least I can do for them boys."

"Today the turnout has been phenomenal," said Kim Peddy, with Carter Blood Care. "We, already at noon today...have already had twice the amount of what we normally have in one day."

Kim Peddy with Carter Blood Care says type O-negative blood and platelet donations are in high demand.

"What we are asking for predominately right now is aphaeresis platelet donors," said Peddy. "Platelets are used to promote clotting which is important in surgeries. They also build your blood volume back up."

The blood given at Carter will be taken to hospitals in central Texas. Counselor, Jason Isham, says finding ways to give will help victim's grieve.

"I think a great way to just get over or process your tragedy or your grief is to be involved or become help to someone else," said Isham.

Blood donations aren't the only way you can help.

"We've had people call here already, volunteering to go down there and help in any way they can," said Pat Shannon.

The American Red Cross is on stand-by.

"If the military does ask for help, we are ready to help out in any way we can," said Shannon.

As they wait, they say they could use monetary donations. If you don't have money or blood to give, Reynolds gives one last suggestion.

"Pray a lot," said Reynolds. "Them boys need a lot of prayer."

No matter your location, he says there are always ways to serve.

If you would like to help, here are some links you may find to be helpful: http://www.redcross.org/

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