Tyler Woman Becomes Youngest Habitat Homeowner

By Tuesday, Andrika Orange will finally be home.

That's when the twenty year-old will move into her new Habitat For Humanity home, with her two younger brothers. Andrika has raised them since cancer took her mother two years ago.

"We're just ready everyday," Andrika says. "My little brothers are just ready to get over here, just like I am."

She's already decided on her decorating. She'll put angels in every room of the house, as a tribute to her mom. Even though she's the youngest habitat home recipient ever, Andrika's determination and maturity has impressed everyone.

"If you listen to her talk," says Valerie Asberry of Habitat For Humanity, "And the wisdom that she has, she lets you know through her actions that her mother put so many things into her, she makes you want to do things for her."

She supports her brothers with her job in a church kitchen, and the new home will help them survive. This house, and her life, are dedicated to her mother.

"I get a picture of her mother talking to her," Valerie says, "Knowing that she was not going to be on this earth that much longer, just planting things into her."

"She's looking down on us right now, smiling," Andrika says. "She's happy for us, all of us. At what we have accomplished since she's been gone."

For the head of this family, there are angels watching over her.

Habitat For Humanity has two meetings this week for people interested in becoming part of the program. They'll take place Sunday at three, and Tuesday at six at Pollard United Methodist Church.

Habitat only passes out applications twice a year. The next meeting is in August. For more information, call 903-595-6630, extension 11.

Reid Kerr (rkerr@kltv.com) reporting.