Sheriff Deputies Stop Mobile Meth Lab

They thought they were making a routine traffic stop. Instead, Smith County deputies discovered what appears to be a mobile meth lab in Tyler Friday.

Officers who stopped a car missing a license plate on the corner of Palace and Oakwood, soon realized the driver was someone with a criminal past.

"We had a lot of intelligence information on him, says Lt. Mark Milanovich with Tyler's DPS Narcotics unit. According to Milanovich, the suspect's name had been linked to previous methamphetamine activities.

Officers arrested the suspect for driving without a license and insurance. He also had several other warrants out for his arrest, according to Milanovich.

After obtaining a warrant, authorities searched the car. Inside the trunk, they found two tanks. Both tanks tested positive for anhydrous ammonia--a substance used to make methamphetamine. And inside the vehicle, officers found valves and cutting agents commonly used to make meth.

Since the start of the New Year, Tyler DPS has shut down six meth labs and confiscated more than 6,000 grams of methamphetamine.

The driver of the car could face felony charges for having materials to make meth. As of Friday afternoon, he had not been arrested on those charges.

  Kerri Panchuk, reporting.