Man tries to take 11-year-old, police need your help

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Police say, twice, a stranger tried to lure a student into his car. It happened last Friday and again on Monday near Hogg Elementary School at Broadway Avenue and Houston Street.

Innocent or indecent? It's an act police are trying to find an answer to.

"We want to know what his intent is," said Officer Don Martin, with Tyler PD. "Is he just being a nice guy or could this be a possible sex offender.

The suspicious activity started Friday. Police say an 11-year-old boy was walking down a sidewalk on his way home when a car pulled over. The driver offered to give the boy a ride home. Then Monday, it happened again.

"This time he got a little bit more leery and scared because this is the second time this person's asked me and so he took off running then notified his parents which contacted us," said Martin.

Police contacted the school, and, Wednesday, steps were taken to ensure student safety.

"A letter is going home today with all the students at Hogg Middle School to share the situation of what occurred, release a description of the individual, as well as the vehicle," said Angela Jenkins, with Tyler ISD.

Before the school bell rang a principal's announcement informed the students about the situation, stressing the importance of always being alert.

"We're sharing it with them to be cautious - to be aware with their surroundings...and being extra eyes and ears in the neighborhoods and reporting anything that looks suspicious," said Jenkins.

"The key thing is make sure they understand do not ever get into a vehicle with a stranger," said Martin.

It's a rule one 11-year-old student knew to follow.

Here's a description of the guy police are looking for: He's a white man in his forties with curly gray hair. Police say his vehicle is a gray or silver four door compact car. If you have any information please contact Tyler police.

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