Brenden Hedges: Providing the Whitehouse "Spark"

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

WHITEHOUSE, TEXAS (KLTV) - 2009 hasn't been all fun in Whitehouse.

"There was a point when we had lost the first five," said Wildcats lineman John Adams, "and we were like, and we were like, 'are we going to win this season?"

"It was not fun at all, to tell you the truth," said linebacker Logan Taylor.

But the 'Cats have turned it around...and are one game away from the post-season.

"I dont think that we would be where we are if it were not for those tough times," said Taylor, "that we had to endure and we had to get past."

One big reason, is one of the smallest players.

"I'm 5'6, 145, officially, I am 5'6"

Brenden Hedges isn't the biggest...or tallest...but he doesn't have to be.

"Yeah, I am a small guy, everyone sees that and they dont have high expectations for me," said Hedges, "but I guess when I put the shoulder pads on, I become a warrior, and I just want to win."

"Hedges is the spark plug around here," said Adams, "people aren't ready for that, because he will come up and pop you."

The spark plug, provides just that...and tackling him...good luck.

"I hate it," said Taylor, "and I know that other defenses that we are playing dont like it much because he is so small."

"I am able to hide behind them and make some shifty moves," said Hedges, "and before they know it I am behind them and they are wondering where I went."

The next time Whitehouse takes the field, it will be for the playoffs and will be led by Hedges.

Just don't blink...or you might miss him.

"Most of the time the defense never sees him, then he just pops through the hole an he is behind them."

If Whitehouse beats Henderson on Friday, the Wildcats will secure a playoff spot.

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