Proud of East Texas: McClendon House Ghosts

By Joan Hallmark - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - As a technical investigator with Paranormal Incorporated, Veronica Smith says there are too many unexplained incidents at Tyler's historic McClendon House to shrug them off as imagination. A young girl on the stairway, a ghostly white figure on the balcony, sudden freezing temperatures, and dancing orbs of light, are all part of the house's mystery.

The house is best known as the home of Washington Correspondent Sarah McClendon, but it is her family members who are usually recognized in the "sightings". A man in a hat in the parlor is thought to be her father while Sarah's siblings also figure in the stories. People who take care of the house, neighbors, visitors and paranormal investigators have all had similiar experiences. Bonner-Whitaker-McClendon house is located at 806 West Houston and is available for tours, weddings and business meetings.

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