What's the UFO?

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HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - It's the infamous UFO video that has East Texans talking. But the real question is, what do the experts have to say about it?

Astronomer Tom Hooton, of the Hundall Planetarium, has seen all types of objects in the sky. He thinks he may know what the East Texas UFO could possibly be.

"If you were looking in the eastern sky at 6:00 a.m., at low horizon, Venus is definitely in that part of the sky," said Hooton.

Hooton isn't alone on his Venus prediction. Amateur Astronomer, Don Scharm's telescope is almost as big as he is. So what did he think, when he saw the UFO?

"I thought, that's Venus," said Scharm. "I knew Venus would be in the air at that time, and I said I'm pretty sure that's Venus. The reason I thought it was Venus, is it looked like they were shooting the video towards the east. Venus would be the brightest object in the sky at that time."

"Probably because of air currents and humidity in the upper atmosphere, it just bent the light rays in various kind of crazy directions," said Scharm.

Kilgore College Physics and Astronomy professor, Jerry Fuller doesn't buy it.

"I think that's highly unlikely. Somebody is playing with us with some sort of light source and bouncing the light off of a cloudy sky," said Professor Fuller.

Whatever "it" is; it's sure to keep moving and have East Texans talking.

So, now that you've heard some expert opinions, we want to know what you think the UFO is.

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