Remembering Peaches Brookshire

East Texas is mourning the loss of a lady known for her giving spirit and child like soul. Peaches Brookshire, of the Brookshire Grocery family passed away yesterday leaving quite a legacy behind her.

Billy Lou parker, as she was born, married Bruce Brookshire, chairman of Brookshire Grocery, together they were quiet philanthropists.

"She always tried to brighten others up with bright colors and you can't help but have a smile on your face when you think of her," says Dr. Vukelja, Tyler Cancer Center.

Tyler oncologist, Doctor V. was part of Peaches Brookshire's Journey of Hope.

"She was a phenomenal person and we were very blessed that we were a part of her life," says Dr. V.

A cancer patient herself, Peaches turned to painting. Her wish was for her bright, cheerful works of art to work wonders for the patients coming into the Tyler Cancer Center for chemotherapy.

"She was extremely interested in other patients care and always wanted to facilitate their treatment and try to get them through kind of cheer them up knowing how important that there is always hope," says Dr. V.

Peaches hope extended to the Hospice of East Texas, before she ever knew they would care for her.

"The ambulance driver wheeled the cart up here for her to be able to look at the painting," says Stephanie Hyde, Hospice of East Texas. "She felt really good about them being here and what a prominent place they hold in our building."

Though unassuming about her philanthropy, the late Mrs. Brookshire has also meant a lot to the Salvation Army, as a contributor to the Center of Hope.

"The salvation army has lost a true champion in Peaches Brookshire and we will miss her tremendously," says Linda Edwards with the Salvation Army.

But, no one will miss her more than her family and friends.

"She was so generous with her personality and enthusiasm and her love for other people," says Jill Ramey, a friend. "She could just like come into a room and bring sunlight and I can say that from a long experience we've been friends since we were 18."

Jill Ramey says she was a wife, mother and friend first.

"Faithful loyal she will always be in there as a dearest friend," says Ramey.

Peaches Brookshire passed away Wednesday at the age of 72 years old.