Forgetting Brett Favre: East Texas Packer Super Fans

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

FLINT, TEXAS (KLTV) - Randy Hanson has been a Packers fan for a long time...

"Since I was about 6 years old, so its been about 41 years."

The Iowa native even named his newborn son after the Green and Gold.

"It just came to us that we were going to name him Pack," said Hanson, "his first name is Roman, but he goes by Pack, but it was strictly because of the Packers."

Even 1100 miles from Lambeau, these East Texans let their Packer love flow.

"What is not to like about the Packers?" asked Packer super fan Jerrod Maness, "you are basically rooting for the underdog every year, I love the idea that the city owns the team, I think that is great."

Their love of the Pack covers the good...and the bad and the ugly, and in this case...there is nothing worse than former Packer Brett Favre coming back to Lambeau

"There is a part of me that would just love to smack him, I mean just nail him," said Hanson, "you spend all that time rooting for the guy, only to find out that he is a hypocrite, I find him to be the biggest phony in all of sports."

"Minnesota is going to experience the same type of cancer that Brett was for Green Bay in the last few years," said Maness.

Their dislike for Favre is unquestionable...the only thing their love for a team...on the other side of the country.

"I am not rooting against Favre, as much as I am rooting for the Packers, but if Favre gets knocked into tomorrow, I am all about it."

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