Children injured in fatal wreck home from the hospital

By Taylor Hemness - email
Posted by Kelly Hefelfinger - email

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Family members describe the injuries that their young children are still having to deal with after Wednesday's wreck.

"Kaila's through with surgery, she's home," said Robin Wright, the children's aunt. "Chloe has to have nose surgery, but they can't do it until the swelling goes down some more."

Another of the children has an arm and a leg in casts. And the family knows how bad it could have been.

"The rest of the kids are intact," said Randy Bell, the children's great uncle. "And we hate that we lost that little boy...but we could have lost all of them."

DPS has reported that the children were not wearing seatbelts. But the family says that's not the case.

"She would never take those babies anywhere, and think that they may be hurt," Wright said. "So two of the bigger ones would always sit on the outsides of the seat towards the door. Then two smaller ones beside them. Each two would share a seat belt, and then the lap belt in the middle, the biggest one would sit there."

The family says that the outpouring of support from the community has been incredible, and that much of that support has been for the children's grandmother Vicki Caton, who was driving the truck.

"Everybody in 100 miles of here that knows this family, and knows the lady that we're talking about, knows that she's the old lady that lives in a shoe," Bell said.

"Mama would take care of anybody," Wright said. Anybody could come up this driveway, and Mama would take them in right now, even if she wasn't able to, she'd find a way, so I want everybody to know that she has done nothing wrong. Nothing wrong."

Jonathan King's funeral will be held Wednesday at Progressive Baptist Church in Gladewater.

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