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Gift of Love: Kelsie and Robert

By Jennifer Hines - bio | email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Two brothers who are partners in crime and their crime is having a good time. They are looking for someone to share in the fun and the Gift of Love.

It was an afternoon of bumper boats and the scrambler as we got to know 13-year-old Robert and 11-year-old Kelsie are two brothers with lots of enthusiasm for life. It was also a great way to cool off in the Texas heat. Kelsie says he has been spending a lot of time outdoors.

"Swimming, fishin'...that's about it," said Kelsie.

And, he really wants to go hunting and hopes to hunt deer during the fall hunting season. His brother Robert says don't be fooled by Kelsie's shy nature.

"He's awesome, he's funny, he has some pretty good jokes, and I just plain like him," said Robert. "And, he's just the best little brother that I could have."

Kelsie is a bright boy and will need some help at school to keep him on track. He tends to be easily distracted. Kelsie hopes to go to college and one day serve in law enforcement.

"Because there are people who are breaking the law," said Kelsie.

After college, he'd also like to serve his country.

"Go to the Navy," said Kelsie.

As for Robert, he's staying pretty busy, too, and outside is where you will find him.

"I like to fish, hunt, I'm just an outdoor kinda guy," said Robert.

And, when he says outdoors, he means the country - that's where he'd like to be.

"I like having animals like cows, chickens, dogs [and] stuff like that," said Robert.

Robert was the caretaker of his siblings and tends to act more mature than boys' his age. As a result, he can sometimes struggle with directions from adults, and is learning that he doesn't have to be the parent anymore. When it comes to school, for Robert, it's a great place to be.

"I love school," said Robert. "School is the best part of my life."

About to head into the 7th grade, this country boy loves science but not math. His ultimate goal is to go into agriculture and he's practicing that now.

"I've been fishing," said Robert. "I've been nature walking. I've been growing beans and stuff in the garden and I've been growing cantaloupe and watermelon."

When it comes to Robert's three wishes, he gets right to the point. He wants a forever family.

"For me to be able to live in the country, for me to have just a loving family and someone to take care of me," said Robert.

Both brothers welcome a home with other kids and would like to stay in contact with their two brothers when possible. Kelsie and Robert boys will need continued therapy to help them as they prepare for adoption. These country boys are looking for a family to share with them the gift of love...oh, and they wanted me to say...and go fishing!

If you'd like more information on Kelsie and Robert, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

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