Students Stranded in Storm Come Home

People living in the Northeast finally saw snow turn to slush Wednesday morning, and many of those stranded in snow-blown cities boarded flights home. Dozens of students from All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler were among them.

After spending several days snowed in our nations capital, 47 All Saints students unloaded a bus outside their school Wednesday. The group found themselves in a sea of kisses, hugs and high fives.

"When they were leaving, we were worried about all that's going on," said Justine's mom, Kim Odette. "And, then, when they got there, we started worrying about the snow. But he's home."

The students tour of the capitol fizzled over the weekend when the blizzard hit Washington D.C. For two days, they made the best of being snowed in at their hotel.

Some students even made money helping locals get to their cars.

"We noticed a lot of people were out there digging cars out," recalled Reeves. "So we got some shovels and helped them dig."

And while their parents worried at home, the students found warmth in the wintry images surrounding them.

One of the students on the Washington trip, Peyton McGee, recorded all his experiences on a video camera. All Saints also had 23 debate students stranded at a competition in Boston who came home safely Wednesday.

  Kerri Panchuk, reporting.

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