River rescue's 9-1-1 call

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BIG SANDY, TX (KLTV) - Tuesday night, we told you about the rescue of Chelsie Spearman and her two children. They were trapped in a Ford Mustang submerged in flood waters, three feet high on River Road in Big Sandy. To listen to the frantic 9-1-1 call made by the East Texas mother, click on the video in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Dispatcher: Communications this is Josh.

Spearman: Yes, sir! I am stuck in water up to the car window. I've got two small children. It's coming in the car! There wasn't any road blocks or anything. I have a five month old!

Dispatcher: OK, ma'am. We're trying to find out where you're at.

Spearman: OK

Dispatcher: I've got officers coming.

Spearman: OK, OK, thank you so much

Dispatcher: Just stay on the line.

Fortunately, a Big Sandy police officer was able to rescue Spearman and her children. And, with more heavy rain expected, emergency officials are warning drivers to beware of flooded roads. All it takes is six inches of water to cause your tires to lose traction, and 12 to cause your vehicle to float. So, if you see water on the road, do not try to drive through it. Just turn around.

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