Tyler provides preference for local bidders

Released by Susan Gutherie with the City of Tyler:

TYLER, TX - At their regular meeting held on Oct. 28, the Tyler City Council approved a measure that will provide preference for local companies bidding on City projects.

"This ordinance will allow us the flexibility to select a local bidder when the bids are within five percent of each other," said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass.  "When we can support our local businesses and boost our economy, we want to have the flexibility to do so."

The ordinance will amend Chapter 2 of the Tyler City Code as allowed by Texas State Law.   Texas Local Government Code Section 271.0951 provides that a municipality with a population under 250,000 may enter into a contract for an expenditure of less than $100,000 to either the lowest bidder or bidder whose principal place of business is in the municipality.

The award to the local bidder is dependent upon the bid being within five percent of the lowest bid.  The State law provides that the local bidder preference does not apply to the purchase of telecommunications, information services or professional services.