Red light runners beware!

Released by Don Martin with the Tyler PD:

TYLER, TX - The Tyler Police Department will be participating in a State Grant in the month of November that will provide funding to the department to enforce Red Light violations. The enforcement detail will be on the look-out for drivers running red lights at specific intersections in Tyler.

Those intersections will include the following:
1. Loop 323 & Broadway
2. Loop 323 & W. Front
3. Loop 323 & W. Erwin
4. S. Broadway & 4th - 5th
5. Loop 323 & 69 North
6. S. Broadway & Shiloh/Rice
7. Loop 323 & Troup Hwy.
8. Loop 323 & Copeland
9. E. Fifth & Fleishel
10. W. Gentry & Parkdale
11. Church & M.L. King
12.Loop 323 & Paluxy
13.E. Fifth & Beckham

In 2008 Tyler officers issued 2,749 citations for drivers running a red light. For 2009 to current date, Tyler officers have issued 2,071 citations for running a red light. The Tyler Municipal Court window fine for a red light violation is $300.00.

Running a red light is extremely dangerous. Please slow down when the yellow light is activated in order to stop for the red light.