CUJO is back at John Tyler

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - They are just four simple letters...C-U-J-O.CUJO...but what does it mean?

"Never quit, never die," answered John Tyler senior Darien Jones.

The answer was just a quick from senior Joe Bayonne, "Never quit, never die/"

CUJO was the creation of one time JT head coach Allen Wilson, who took over in the early 90's and quickly turned the Lions into a powerhouse.

"I learned it as a youngster, everyone around was like CUJO, never quit never die," said Bayonne,  "it was just a motivational thing."

"It is a sense of heart, that ours is bigger than theirs, and that we will never quit during the game and that we will play our "A" game, 100% of the time," said Jones.

During the magical run of 1994 the Lions rolled to a state title, and along the way, the CUJO persona was born.

It was a perfect motto for JT, CUJO literally means an unstoppable force.

"That dominating team, that dominating force from those teams in the 90's, has come back to play," said Jones, "and we are that new dominating force."

So is CUJO back? Who knows, but 15 years thing is certain.

"We are ready to beat anyone who stands in our way."

John Tyler puts their perfect season on the line when they face in-town rival Lee on Friday from Rose Stadium.

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