Saran Disposable Cutting Sheet: "Does It Work?"

Food prep made clean, easy and safe. That's what the new Saran Disposable Cutting Sheets say they can offer. Cutting up chicken or another meat and vegetables, all for the same meal, leaves lots of room for cross contamination of food.. And this new product is supposed to reduce that risk and your clean-up time. Seemed perfect for a "Does it Work?" report.

We cut up chicken and a potato in the Channel 7 kitchen.

It was obvious early on that the sheets were absorbing the germy mess from the chicken. Problem was... they're so small. Each sheet is about 10 by 12 inches, but the actual plastic surface is more like 8 by 10. We ended up using another sheet on which to place the cut pieces.

The sheets have a tough plastic covering on top with tiny holes in them. I dragged a knife across the plastic several times. It was tough enough to take it. In the middle is an absorbent layer. And the bottom layer is paper.

So "Does It Work?"

No doubt the Saran Sheets are tough, absorbent, and they definitely have a future in the kitchen. About the only downside is their size... kind of small.. But we love the idea and give them a "yes".

Joe Terrell, reporting.

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