East Texas Students Stranded in Northeast Blizzards

Dozens of students from East Texas were among thousands waiting for flights out of snow covered northeastern cities Tuesday.

The All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler had 23 high school debate students stranded in Boston and 47 eighth graders stuck in Washington D.C. The All Saints eighth graders flew to tour the capitol last week, but got caught in a historic snow blizzard instead.

Junior debater Kathryn Lake skipped the tournament in Boston last week to compete in basketball playoffs. She's spent four days talking to stranded friends on the phone.

"What's the weather like now?," she asked a teammate Tuesday morning.

The answer: "We're expecting two to three more inches of snow this afternoon. We'll see if that delays our flight again. It's crazy, Katherine, you have no idea."

With Boston's Logan airport still open and clean up crews working full throttle, the debate team hopes to leave around 6 p.m., Tuesday evening. If all goes as planned, they'll be back in Tyler around midnight.

Meanwhile, snow plows made enough room for All Saints eighth graders to venture out of their Washington hotel Tuesday.

"We've been stuck in a hotel a few days longer than expected," said tourist Kevin Gradski during a phone interview. "But actually right now, where at the Smithsonian and heading to The Holocaust Museum."

The eighth graders are scheduled to leave Washington early Wednesday morning. Kyle Edgemon, head of All Saints upper School, said they kids had two full days of touring before getting snowed in.

A debate team from Lufkin High School has also been stuck in Boston. The nine members are due home Thursday.