Deformed colt saved at equine rescue operation

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted by Morgan Chesky - bio | email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A colt born just 30 days ago has been given a second chance to survive by an East Texas equine rescue group.

The folks at Safe Haven Equine Rescue went the extra mile to save a little filly named Jewel. Born to a rescued horse, the colt had severe front leg deformity and Jewel had little chance for survival.

"We hadn't had this before," said Safe Haven director Richard Fincher. "Her legs were turned out so bad that the vet felt we'd end up having to put her down in six months. The vet was very concerned as soon as he looked at the horse."

At considerable expense, Safe Haven had corrective casts placed on Jewels legs, a last ditch effort to save her. Thirty days later, Jewel is walking normally.

"Cast both front legs we straightened them out and got the tendons to stretch and straighten," says Fincher.

Over the years Safe Haven has rescued hundreds of starving and neglected horses, but perhaps none have been as rewarding as this one.

"It makes your heart feel good," says Fincher. "That's what we do here. She's so lovable."

Fincher says this is what his organization is all about.

"This is where the money goes to help save little horses like this."

Safe Haven will be looking for a good home for Jewel in the future. If you'd like to help the continuing efforts of Safe Haven Equine Rescue you can contact them at 903-762-1432, or you can visit them online at

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