Student receives letter from the President

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - It has been almost a year since Manwell Caraway read the book 'Flat Stanley.'

"He's so flat he can go underneath the door," Syreeta Johnson, Manwell's teacher points out.

Last year Timpson Elementary second graders made their own Flat Stanleys. Most students mailed the 'paper dolls' and a letter to friends or relatives, except for Manwell.

"Where did you send your flat Stanley?", asked Johnson of the shy third grader.

"To Barack Obama," Manwell quietly replied.

They recall when everybody began to get their letters back, except for Manwell.

"[Made me] kinda sad," Manwell said. "All the Flat Stanleys were displayed out in the halls. And, it was a little discouraging not to see your Flat Stanley up there," Johnson recalled.

Manwell's mom began to lose confidence in the president.

"I got to thinking maybe it will take some time due to the stuff going on with the economy or whatever," Laquita Caraway said.

Then this week, Manwell got an unexpected letter in the mail. President Obama finally responded. He wrote of all the adventures Manwell's Flat Stanley made.

"In the morning he walked with me through the halls of the west wing and joined me for meetings in the oval office with my senior staff and many guests," Obama wrote in the letter.

Not only did the President send Manwell a letter, but also included a picture of himself and his dog, Bo.

Manwell is on to other things, but on that day he was beaming. The last line of encouragement will hopefully stay with the youngster for a lifetime.

"Together we will make America even better," Manwell read.

Proof that good things do happen when you wait long enough.

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