Tyler Police open fire for training session

By Reid Kerr - bioemail

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was back to the range for the Tyler Police Friday. The state requires they qualify to carry a weapon once a year. Tyler demands more.

"We train and qualify twice a year," Sgt. Charles Bledsoe said. "The state mandates once a year, and a 70% score. Tyler PD requires 80%."

They don't draw their weapons everyday because of that. The reminder sessions are crucial to be prepared when that moment comes.

"You train and you got through the muscle memory of firing your weapon, it's important. You're going to fight like you train."

While handling firearms is not an everyday occurrence for Tyler officers, it's still a matter they take very seriously.

"It's big enough and important enough that you need to be good at it. You hope you never have to use a weapon, but you want to be good enough to hit what you're shooting at if you do."

For the most part, they enjoy the training, preparing for something they hope never happens.

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