Korean Firefighters Recount Scenes from Subway Blaze

Daegu, South Korea-AP -- Rescue workers in South Korea say it's a "hellish" scene inside a subway station -- after a deadly fire raced through two trains today.

One firefighter says there are bones of some victims scattered on the floor, mixed with people's burned belongings. He brought up four bodies of victims found on the steps leading off the subway platform -- and says he "didn't even have time to feel terrible."

Firefighters going through burned-out subway cars have come across groups of bones at times -- covering them with white linen for later identification.

The scene above ground has been one of desperation. Hundreds of people have gathered outside the police lines, waiting for word from rescuers. Some relatives of the missing say emergency officials may not have reacted quickly enough. Several said they'd heard from victims on cell phones that the train doors locked shut and trapped them inside.

At least 50 people are known dead, but firefighters report seeing dozens more charred bodies in the wreckage.

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