Drug cartel's ties to Tyler

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A nationwide crackdown on a deadly drug cartel takes place. This week, more than 300 alleged members of the "La Familia" Mexican drug cartel have been arrested nationwide. And, it turns out that organization has ties to Tyler.

"This unprecedented, coordinated United States law enforcement action is the largest ever undertaken against a Mexican drug cartel," said Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General. "This operation has dealt a significant blow to "La Familia's" supply chain of illegal drugs, weapons and cash flowing between Mexico and the United States."

Richard Sanders with the DEA Office in Tyler says that while no actual members of "La Familia" were arrested here, couriers from the cartel would come to Tyler from Houston and Dallas, and distribute those drugs here. He says in a local investigation just a few months ago, about six pounds of meth, that can be tied to the cartel, was recovered in Tyler.

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