Rains flood Wood County

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WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Bridges were swamped and dozens of roadways had to be closed down as pounding rain poured down hard in East Texas Thursday. Some of the heaviest rain fell in Wood County, near Quitman.

Early morning, police in Wood County began to block off county and farm-to-market roads swamped by torrential rain.

"Twelve to 15 county roads, farm-to-market roads and state highways have been closed because water was across the road," said Randy Selman.

Ponds and streams quickly spilled out of their banks, washing over bridges at County Roads 2110 and 2140.

"[It's a] dangerous situation," said Selman. "People need to be careful crossing try not to drive through water you never know if the roads washed out or if it's deeper than they think."

So much water in a short period of time created some dangerous situations. On one county road, motorists attempted to pass a bridge where in some spots the water was about a foot deep.

FM 69 at Muddy Creek was swamped and had to be closed to traffic. Still drivers were playing a dangerous game chancing a flooded area.

"It's a less stressful event than it was a month ago when we had several rescues and a fatality," said Selman.

Drivers had to make wide circles around the flooded areas to get in and out of affected areas.

"We've had to barricade some of the roads to keep people from going through them," said Selman.

But, had police giving a familiar piece of advice.

"Use common sense," he said. "Don't drive through water when its over a road."

Fortunately, unlike the flooding earlier this month, no one had to be rescued from their homes.

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