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A Better East Texas: Healthcare Reform

The national healthcare reform issue continues to bubble along and there are numerous moving targets when it comes to evaluating what to do.  But there are a few absolutes.  First of all, most Americans would agree that healthcare costs are too high, the costs of insurance coverage have risen recently as well, thus many businesses and individuals have discontinued their health insurance - they want it but just cannot afford it.  So something has to give.  Now keep in mind that insurance also works best when everyone participates.  It is simply the law of averages at work.  So it would make sense that the government plan would encourage employers to provide insurance for their employees - which it does - but there is a penalty for those that don't offer health insurance.  The penalty is in the form of a tax.  But the problem with this part of the plan is that the penalty is now less than the cost of many insurance plans.  It will be cheaper for many businesses to discontinue coverage and pay the penalty than to go to the larger expenses of keeping coverage.  The tax would create the foundation for the public option.  This plan is a poor formula to solve this problem and it has only gotten worse through the political process.  It appears to me that no one wins and all potentially suffer.  This is not the solution that America needs and striking it down will make for a Better East Texas.

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