Lee's triplet trouble

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) -  It's a case of sibling rivalry.

"There's been some issues," said Tyler Lee Junior James Martell.  "But we're brothers."

"A couple of fist fights," chimed in Martell's brother Charlie.  "But that's no big deal."

What could turn brothers against each other.  The Martell triplets say, that's easy.

"Probably a tennis match."

"Mitch is a screamer," said Tyler Lee Teammate Mack Lockridge.  "James, our number one, he's silly off the court but when he's on the court he's real serious and gets mad at himself. Charlie just has fun."

The Martell's love their tennis.

"We started playing when we were like three years old and move to Tyler," said James. "We decided we want to play tennis."

"Considering they've been playing for 13 years, they should be pretty good by now, Right?" said Lockridge.

Good enough for Tyler Lee.  When they're not goofing around,  James, Mitch and Charlie Martell have yet to lose a single match all season.

"If you want to count on a win, look to the Martell's," said Charlie.

'They've played so long, they should go pro," joked Lockridge.

Maybe not pro, but the Martell's would like a reality show.

"We're the spirit of Tyler Lee and if you have a problem with that come to us," said Charlie

You'll find them on the tennis court.