Happy 'Dog-o-ween!'

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - At Spirit Halloween Store, in amongst the costumes and the spider webs, and the severed hands, is the next big trend in Halloween: Dog costumes.

Yep, the holiday now extends into the doghouse, with all different options for your four-legged loved one.

"We have a pit bull, and we dressed her up as a devil last year."

Petsmart also has a big variety of pet costumes, running to both extremes for your pet. So you can turn little Lucy into...well, pretty much anything for the evening.

Admittedly, it's not for everybody, but for a lot of people, their animal is a part of the family. Why not dress them up for Halloween.

So, whether you're sending Hazel out to fight crime, or Desi out to the big Cinderella ball tonight, your dog won't miss a beat.

"We don't have any human children, but if we did, we'd let them participate in Halloween. So we let our fur children participate in Halloween."

Some costumes are simple, some are inspired. Some are even dressing for a good cause, like Babe, a Therapet.

"I have a special needs daughter, who's 19. I've had to make costumes for her forever, and we always try and include her wheelchair. She's going as a hot air balloon, and Babe is going to be the sandbag that keeps her anchored to the ground."

So many option, so many ways to say "Good dog."

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