Texas Is One of Six States With Widespread Flu

"I just don't feel good," says April Vance of Tyler. She's been sneezing, sniffling, and coughing, ""Your chest rattles," she adds. "I've gone into a few coughing fits."

April is one of many East Texans dealing with the season's second round of the flu; otherwise known as "Panama" or the "New Caledonia Flu". Channel 7's Med Team Doctor, Ed Domingues, says the bug is back "I've already diagnosed one person in the intensive care unit and one outside with phenomena related to influenza."

And for every person diagnosed, at least 10 more people in the community will carry the virus. A virus that can lead to complications like Influenza Pneumonia; causing 40 to 50 thousand people to die each year. And this bug is easy to transmit, all it takes is hand to hand contact. But, few simple precautions can help Dr. Keith Frazier of Trinity Mother Frances tells," The number one best infection control method is washing your hands."

Dr Ed agrees, "This is probably one of those times where using those over the counter alcohol preparations or some type of antibacterial soap. "

Along with vaccination... It may be time to get a second dose; especially high risk people --like seniors and children. And spraying down "germ friendly" areas like the phone and computer mouse are helpful.

Jennifer Brice, reporting.