SUV Owners Think About Another Mode of Transportation

No one who drives an SUV is living large anymore. The gas price hike is hitting the drivers of these thirsty SUVs the most.

One SUV owner says her truck takes about twenty gallons.  She didn't want to guess at what her final pump price would be.

Jeff Evans, a Lindale man, was tired of it.

"Once it finally hit the thirty dollars, I decided it was time to find something smaller and less expensive to drive."

Jeff finally made the leap, from his former road monster to a Volkswagen Jetta.

"I live in Lindale -- work in Tyler.  So, I was looking at filling up a couple of times a week, every four or five days."

Now, that dollar at the pump gets him more than three times as far.

"Not only does it get better gas mileage, but it lowered my car payment by about a hundred dollars." It's taken just a bit of getting used to. Jeff's gone from riding above most other drivers... To being under the radar. This is exactly where he wants to be as gas heads toward two bucks a gallon.

"Sky's the limit as far as I know."

Jeff's got three kids who can all squeeze in the Jetta for now.

"I figure it was time to get into something cheaper when I could." He may head back to the land of the SUV eventually, but it'll be a while.

"I'm going to have a few extra dollars in my wallet."

Reported by Morgan Palmer.