What's in a name? Rivers, trees and creeks...oh my!

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There are lots of apartment complexes in East Texas, and all of them want a name that will attract your business. Some of them, like Shiloh Road Apartments, are pretty easy to figure out.

There's one called Varsity Place. It's a place on Varsity. Gotcha.

As for the Oaks Apartments. They have apartments. They have oaks. Meeting adjourned.

River Oaks. Now, that's a little different. Oaks sure, but I don't think technically a river runs through Tyler.

Running water seems to be big. Chelsea Creek? Okay, I'll buy that. A creek is easy.

Hidden Springs? Sure, but why would you hide them?

Then you have the apartments that go all Animal Planet on you, like Deerwood, Quail Creek, and Fox Run.

To me, this brings up subtle imagery of nature's cute little characters, frolicking and playing and getting into your trash cans.

According to the Texas Apartment Association, there are no naming conventions for apartments. Like streets and subdivisions, you can call yourself whatever you want. You could be landlocked and call yourself Rivercreek Springs, it wouldn't matter.

Sure, some of them are correct. The Bridges on Kinsey is both on Kinsey, and has bridges.

As for the rest, pick whatever you'd like. Whether it's the grand patriotic imagery of the Liberty Arms, or you want to join the band of merry men over at Sherwood Forest, what's in a name? Just a place to live.

The Texas Apartment Association said that while you don't actually have to have the natural landmarks, an apartment complex would still be responsible if they made some kind of misleading advertising claim in their name. For example, free cable apartments would have to provide cable, but Bear Creek would not be required to have either bears or creeks on the property.

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