The "Price" of Pain

By Coleman Swierc - bio | email

PRICE, TEXAS (KLTV) - It's a family affair for Carlisle Indians.

"My older two played, and my wife coached, and that is pretty much what our family does," said Carlisle head coach Rocky Baker.

And, it's not easy playing for your dad, just ask Gunner Baker.

"When we do bad, he takes it to the house, so it is hard," said quarterback Gunner Baker, the son of head coach Rocky Baker.

"No matter what happens with my kids," said coach Baker, "I either give them a hug or a kiss or send them on their way, but with him, he still gets the look until we get home."

As if dad on the sidelines wasn't enough, how about playing quarterback when you are only 14 years old.

"I like it better than what I was doing, sitting over here," Gunner joked, about his time on the sidelines.

"Basically he is like a senior to us," said senior Jeffery Williams.

So your 14, and starting quarterback, for your dad's team.

What else could make it harder?

How about playing, without all of your fingers?

"All right here, is skin from down here," refering to a finger on his left hand, that has had a skin graph from skin on his lower palm.

A freak injury in practice, left Gunner hurt with a missing finger tip, and his teammates...queasy.

"I thought it was broke, it was gone," said Williams, "it was just a lot of blood, that is all I can say about it."

"Bloody, and just overall disgusting," said junior running back Erick Hernandez, "that is what I saw, it was all tore up, it was gone."

"One of my other coaches walked up and said you need to go in and check on Gunner," said coach Baker, "I said, naw, Im going to stay out, and he said, 'no coach, he doesnt have a finger, you might want to go in and check on Gunner.'"

"I looked down there, and I did not think that they could do anything to it, but then when I got to the hospital, and they told me what they were going to do, I was ok."

The doctors rebuilt his finger with a special gel and skin graph, leaving Gunner, able to play.

So excuses for Gunner...9 ½ fingers...starting as a freshman...and dad on the problem.

"He is young, but he is going to be real good," said Williams.

Carlisle, with Baker at QB, will play a game with huge playoff implications, as they take on Overton in Overton this Friday night.

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