Family Split By Evacuation From Kuwait

The Residence Inn is a bit cramped for Marilyn and Johnathon Thomas, who are back in America from Kuwait.

"We were over there for three and a half years," Marilyn says. "Now we're leaving sooner than we had planned."

Husband and father Andy was in Kuwait, working for Schlumberger. The company evacuated them this week, but Andy had to stay. Now the nightly news is a bit scary to watch.

"Over here it seems a lot worse than what it was over there," Johnathon says. His mother agrees.

"I turn the TV on," she says, "But then I turn it off sometimes. Then I flip the channels because it's scary."

Although they enjoyed their time there, they were starting to see the dangers. The U.S. embassy evacuated, and Johnathon's high school was shut down for six weeks over security concerns.

"You could be a target over there now," Marilyn says. "And things could happen, and you watch the news and now, obviously something's going to happen out there. And you just hope for the best and think maybe it won't."

When word came down, they left in a hurry, taking only a few suitcases and their cats. They'll try and send for their stuff when they find a place to live, but that's not their main concern.

"I want my dad to come back," Johnathon says. "And some of my stuff's still in Kuwait but I can live without that right now."

So a family divided by the threat of war tries to make a new life, in hopes of reuniting soon.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.