Argument Turns Fatal For Lindale Man

It was an argument that began with words and ended with a bullet. Shortly after two Sunday morning, the Smith County Sheriff's Department was called to a house on County Road 431 four miles west of Lindale.

When they arrived, they found twenty one year old Leslie Aaron Dobbs in the kitchen, dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Investigators say Dobbs was shot by a juvenile at the house, while several other people were present.

"We've interviewed several people," Sheriff's Department Major Mike Lusk says, "And followed up on quite a few leads which has led us up to the point of identifying a shooter. That person being a juvenile, we're not going to get into any specifics or identification of that person at this time."

The Smith County Sheriff's Department and neighbors say there have been disputes at this location before. Law enforcement has recovered the weapon, and they hope to make an arrest soon.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.