Round two of Winona alcohol election begins

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Posted by Ellen Krafve - bio | email

WINONA, TX (KLTV) - The great beer battle of Winona continues.

Six months after the last election allowed restaurants to sell alcohol, but not stores, another proposition goes on the ballot.

"A tie definitely goes to show how important a single vote can be," Winona Mayor Rusty Smith said. "If anything comes out of this, I hope people realize how important their vote can be, and they get out and vote."

The pro-alcohol "Winona Wins" group tried to rally the vote on the first day of early voting. They say keeping that alcohol money in town is vital to keeping Winona going.

"If this goes wet, then people will be stopping here," Winona resident Billy Cheney said.

"I grew up here in Winona," Marian Steich said, "And, I've watched this town die. When I was growing up here, we had 14-16 very active businesses here. Look at us now, we're dead."

"Keep Precinct 4 Dry" again opposes the proposition, and says another election is just another divide in this town.

"I'm interested in economic growth too," Reverend Tony Watson said. "But, we can have economic growth through a grocery store, a factory, some sort of industry that would come here. Why do we have to focus on something that divides us, and puts an image on our town that for many is a negative one?"

With the previous election, and the controversy, and the tie vote behind them, Winona goes to the polls again knowing this time for sure, every vote matters.

The election will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd. As we learned last election, to change the law, you have to have more people voting for the change than opposing it.

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