Judge Jennings Legacy

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Funeral services have been set for 53 year old, "Judge Bill Jennings". He died Saturday after suffering a massive heart attack while sailing on a boat on Lake Tyler.  Jennings served as judge for the 124th District Court in Gregg County.

Judge Jennings legacy is a life of service. From the time he was sworn in as Gregg County District Attorney, William "Bill" Jennings was determined to serve and protect the folks of Gregg County.   As Gregg Ccounty District Attorney, Jennings found himself presiding over big profile cases, ranging from aggravated robbery to capital murder.

Jennings' tenacity to fight for justice is what his colleagues admired most about him.

For his friends, Judge Jennings sudden death still hasn't hit home.

"We're still in shock. Bill was a rock at that courthouse. He was all of our counsel and he did a great job for Gregg county," said Judge Bill Stoudt, of Gregg County.

From serving as Gregg county D.A. to running for distirct judge, Jennings strived to be the best.

"He was a stand up guy that cared about everybody.  He always tried to help people. I can't describe what kind of guy he was. He was the best, he was just the best. His death is an absolute huge lost for Gregg county," said Judge Stoudt.

A huge lost of a great East Texas man, who will never be forgotten.

A memorial service for Judge Jennings will be held Thursday, at First United Methodist church in Longview. The service will start at 3pm.

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