9-1-1 Caller Angry after Fatal Accident

One East Texas woman is angry and speaking out about why a man lost his life Monday in a Longview crash, especially when 9-1-1 calls alerted them.

It was Monday evening that Timothy Pennigton of Diana was killed after he crashed his car into a heavy duty tow truck on Eastman road, after reports from witnesses that he had been driving recklessly.

It was just before five Monday when Longview dispatchers got the first call of a Mustang weaving in traffic northbound on Eastman road. But, it doesn't dispatch officers to the scene. Officers are informed of a vehicle description and keep a watchful eye in their beats, but a bolo does not dispatch them to a specific area.

Witness Lucy Preuninger is angry that officers were not dispatched to the area to stop Pennigton before he crashed. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Bob Hallmark Reporting.